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The company manufactures hydraulic winches.

The winch is designed for emergency hauling of motor vehicles on horizontal and elevated roads in lumbering operations, hauling of tourist caravans and trailers, yachts, in car garages, workshops and in other places.
The design is in compliance with European safety requirements, the Machinery Directive and applicable standarts.

The winch drum is driven by a hydraulic motor and a two-stage planetary reducing gears. The precise manifacture of the gears and oil bath in winch they are running ensures a noiseless operation and long life. The smooth winding of the rope on the dru is by means of a guide roller block winch allows deviation of the load from the horizontal and vertical axis of the winch. The motor is fed from the hydraulic station of the motor vehicle or from an additionally fitted hydraulic station.

Unwinding of the rope is manual after disconnecting the link between the drum and reducing gear by means of an eccentric mechanism. The incorporated hydraulic limit swtch of the load will protect the winch against overloading and breakdown. The hydraulic lock will not allow shifting of the load under the impact of its own weight in the event oil supply has failed stop push-button was pressed.

The temperature range is from-20 ° c to 40 ° c.







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