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About us

Visit us at the exhibition Z – Leipzig, Halle 4, Booth - E 30,  05 - 08 February 2019

z die zuliefermesse w8h8 logoLPS Engineering Ltd is an established name in the construction, manufacture, installation and repair of machinery and equipment for the automotive industry, food industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, energy, agriculture equipment, cement industry, marine industry and the fast-growing field of the green technologies. The company is specialized in the production of non-standard equipment and spare parts for these industries.

The 20 year history and manufacturing experience of employees are a guarantee of the development and production quality. Highly skilled professionals are dedicated and united in our main aim that LPS Engineering Ltd stays a reliable and predictable partner. LPS Engineering Ltd continuously optimizes the technology and manufacturing process and aims to support employees in improving and developing their qualifications and skills. We guarantee high quality of products by continuously maintaining all necessary international certificates and strict compliance with the requirements of our customers.

LPS Engineering Ltd supports long-term and reliable cooperation with established suppliers to ensure high quality of materials used in production.

Constructive and technological activity

LPS Engineering Ltd has engineering and technical team with rich experience in developing of effective design solutions. We create a detailed design based on the basic engineering of our customers strictly adhere to the requirements set out in the project. Our team jointly develops all metal products, including non-standard ones, spare parts and necessary transport solutions.

Policy of quality control

The management of LPS Engineering Ltd pursues a policy of quality aiming to fully satisfy customer requirements in terms of supplies and services. Our policy of quality control and security is based on three main principles:

  • Continuous improvement of the processes and operations in order to optimize the production process and to minimize the risks of defects;
  • Use of the traditional experience of workers and engineers and investment in their continuous professional development and improvement of their skills;
  • Creation of a well-organized work environment that allows for the efficient determination and elimination of any defects found during the testing phase.

The main goal of our production is to comply the production of manufactured devices with the design requirements, without defects, convenient to operate; safe in use, reliable, economical in terms of price and delivered on time.

LPS Engineering Ltd conducts its quality control through full implementation of the requirements of the quality management system made in accordance to ISO 9001:2008 and through continuous improvement of all products and services.





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